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He says that `dinnaaga’ and `nichula’ words refer to Buddhist philosophers `dinnaaga’.Based on this some scholars put kalidasa in 6th century AD `coz kalidasa’s contemporary `dinnaaga’ was disciple of Vasubandhu who was in 6th century AD.She accepted it as valid answer, since `shakti’ is manifest in duality (shiv-shakti, nar-naaree etc etc). She said `five elements’ and he said `make the body’ (earth, water, fire, air, and void).She showed her the palm with fingers extended like in a slap. [ The debate explanations are also apparently later additions] So they get married and she finds he is a dumbo. He straightaway went to Kali’s temple and cut his tongue at her feet.Poems – In addition to these three plays Kalidaaa wrote two long epic poems, the Kumarasambhava ( Birth of Kumara) and the Raghuvamsha ( Dynasty of Raghu).

`Vikram-samvat’ calendar was in vogue since 1st century BC as `maalav-samvat’.

Numerous works have been attributed to his authorship. Fargusen says that 6th century AD, there was a king Vikramaaditya in Ujjayini (present day Ujjain).

Most of them, however, are either by lesser poets bearing the same name or by others of some intrinsic worth, whose works simply chanced to be associated with Kaalidaasa’s name their own names having long before ceased to be remembered. Kalidasa’s Life Time: There are eight hypothesis about his lifetime. 6th century AD, Yashodharman defeated Mihirkul of Hoo N clan. Harnely says this Yashodharman is kalidas’s Vikramaaditya. he defeated Shakas, started `Vikram-samvat’ calendar, starting it 600 years back 57BC. Max Muller basing on this said that Kalidasa was in the court of this Vikram.

Flaw: Vasubandhu was apparently in 400 AD `coz his books were translated in Chinese around 475-525 AD. Kalidasa’s Life: Many tell tales are there for his life.

Finally this is what can be said about his lifetime: Kalidasa in his drama `Malvikaa-agni-mitra’ makes Agni-mitra his hero, who was the son of Pushamitra Shunga who was in 2nd century BC. Banabhatta in the preface of his Kadambari mentions Kalidasa. Some call him native of Kashmir, some of Vidarbh, some of Bengal and others of Ujjain. The king’s daughter was a very learned lady and said that she will marry him who will defeat her in `shaastraartha’ (debate on the scriptures).

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