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“We have enough mon­ey internally to finance all our requirements and we have enough money to pay for our debt.

It is not advis­able to borrow money from abroad,” he said.

“This Marcosian law has been a major concern, as the Philippines remains the only country in the world with such a rider in its government budget, said Ed Tadem, FDC president.

“From the borrowings of Marcos to Aquino, the Philippine debt urgently deserves closer scrutiny and critique, especially since many of the dictator’s debts have been paid along with fraudulent loans of successive administrations.” FDC explained that with the government’s claim of “sound” borrowings and liability management strategy, it has no more need to assure lenders that it would automatically appropriate payments for debt service first before it divides whatever remains of the budget pie among social and economic services.

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“This is a 15.1-percentage point improvement from the 70.9 percent posted in 2009, and is worlds apart from when it was at its peak in 2003, at 111.6 percent.” Purisima said the government’s budget is not only being used for current programs but future programs and potential growth of the economy.

FDC also said Aquino will also leave his successor with P6.4 trillion in national government debt, P4.16 trillion of which was borrowed during his term.

This translates to a debt of P66,486.26 for each of the estimated 103 million Filipinos this year, including government-guaranteed liabilities, FDC said.

By Luis Leoncio After revealing that the Aqui­no administration incurred a record P4.16-trillion debt in just five years, the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) is now demanding that the gov­ernment make a public ac­counting on how it used the borrowings to improve the lives of the Filipino people.

“A detailed explanation by the government is long over­due on how the loans were contracted, where they went, how they were used and what became of the programs and projects on which they were supposedly spent,” the FDC said. Purisima, seeking to rebut the budget and debt watchdog for claiming that the President has become the biggest loan addict among Philippine chief executives, said the current administra­tion has been very active in the international capital mar­ket as part of its liability-man­agement program, enabling it to lengthen debt maturities at lower cost.

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