Dating scan royal berks

The good news is that, thanks to the work of The Royal Berks Charity and the donations of hundreds of people like you, we’ve already collected £1,200,000 toward the new machine. Click here to donate The Breast Screening Unit ran a Campaign to raise £47,000 for a Faxitron – a small piece of equipment to be located in the biopsy room and is designed to be operated by Radiologists and Radiographers.It uses X-rays to image specimens of breast calcifications.A huge thanks to everyone who has contributed, no matter how big or small, with a special acknowledgement to Barclays bank who donated a huge 49 kilos of foreign currency.

Many people have foreign coins or notes left over from a trip abroad and usually, they end up in a drawer or in a jar in a cupboard.Breast calcifications are mostly benign (non cancerous), however sometimes they can be an early sign of breast cancer.The Faxitron will enhance the image quality of calcium in breast tissue, and improve diagnostic accuracy of biopsies, allowing us to give the best possible treatment.We are able to turn the donations into “real” money – whether they be Euros, Yen, predecimal coins, or other long since departed currencies such as the franc, mark and peseta.If you have any foreign currency/old British coins or medals you would like to donate please contact the Charity office on 01 or if you are coming to the hospital we have a collection box at Main Reception on Craven Road where you can deposit your coins. Perhaps you have some left over from a trip abroad?

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