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“We know from at least my work and some other peoples’ work that if you try to stamp out consensual attraction in the workplace, you just drive it underground,” she said.

The experts say workplace romances — always fraught, risky propositions — have only gotten more anguished following the uncovering of abuses at offices nationwide.

They packed the bodies of both infants in packets and handed them over to us.' However, the family noticed a slight movement in one of the body bags while they were heading towards the funeral ground.

'Both packets of the dead infants were carried by my father-in-law and he noticed some movement.

We immediately stopped the car and saw that the male infant was breathing,' Aashish said.

The family members then rushed to nearby Agarwal Nursing Home at Pitampura, which admitted the baby boy, who was found to be alive.

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Smiley responded to the allegations on Facebook, saying PBS “overreacted” and calling it “a rush to judgment”.“If having a consensual relationship with a colleague years ago is the stuff that leads to this kind of public humiliation and personal destruction, heaven help us,” he said. And, I, for one, intend to fight back.”Office relationships may grow more secretive if there is a knee-jerk reaction to try to outlaw all office romance, said Amy Nicole Baker, a psychology professor at the University of New Haven who has studied the topic.

Her family is now accusing doctors of medical negligence.

Aashish Kumar, the woman's husband, said: 'The doctor informed me that Varsha was in a critical stage of labour pain and should be admitted to the ICU immediately.' She delivered a boy and a girl on November 30 at 7.42am.'The doctors declared the female infant dead soon after she was born, while the male infant was in a critical condition.

But while the family were on the way to a funeral ground in New Delhi, India, one of the infants started breathing and squirming inside his bag.

The boy was immediately admitted to a different hospital but has now died.

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