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The things that are always good for a laugh are the manipulation of words and the inside jokes and shorthand that you develop with the people you're touring with..

And the spirit of the band is very much in line with that.

It's one of the cooler things about being with the same people all over the place for weeks on end.

One amazing thing we got to do is go on a lovely boat ride around the Sydney Harbor. We don't often get to do such things and it was truly a highlight, along with the Mona museum in Hobart.

When I was 16, a turn of events had me moving back to Ohio, to a tiny school in the middle of a field and it was a major culture shock.

I was used to this all outdoor campus at a school of like 2,000 kids where at lunch time they were blasting Beastie Boys and Nirvana for our listening pleasure.

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