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I don't know what I'd sell the business for, £250 million may make me bat an eyelid – but it's going to make billions.'Avon make over £13.1billion a year from selling beauty products, I'd be an idiot to sell my business, and someone really has got to put a good offer in.'I want to buy an island for £48million and I'm going to get £100million to do up that island.'I don't really want to expose where this island is in case someone else puts a bid in but it's in the Caribbean and it's up for sale for £40 to 60million.'There are a lot of things I want to buy'He had a rough ride on the show, rowing with the Dragons especially Deborah Meaden, who declared: 'This is like arguing with cotton wool', gave him a telling off and put her head in her hands (pictured)He set up Professional Gains two-and-a-half years ago working on some hobs in the back of his brother's Birmingham barber shop.

Now he employs 20 people in three units and plans to bring in 13 more staff to him prepare and deliver 7,000 healthy meals a week.

I am glad they turned me down now, as I have done very well without their help, I didn't want their money anyway I just wanted their contacts, but I've worked hard to achieve success on my own.

'My grandfather came to England with £7 and worked hard selling food.'He's 97 now and he's only just stopped driving and that is from eating a healthy diet with no oil and no fats.

The entrepreneur says his business turned over a £5.2million in the first two years and says this will rise to £17million this year and £40 million the next.

He said: 'People believe I'm deluded and that's because they believe in their minds that they can't do it.'I've certainly proved them (the Dragons) wrong.

Marco Hajikypri, 28, stormed off the BBC show last year after the celebrity millionaires refused to invest during an on-screen row that led to Deborah Meaden gesticulating at him and putting her head in her hands.

He was furious when the entrepreneurs rejected his health food business on the BBC2 show and said afterwards: 'I didn't want their money anyway', adding he doesn't think they are rich enough to help him anyway.

At first, it was Tasha making these products for herself for ages as it's the only thing that worked for her.

Her mum had taught her how to do this type of thing.''The main thing that gets rid of it is it exfoliates the top layer of skin cells, whereas if you get topical creams from the doctors they don't do that because they just apply steroids, that's not good for your skin.

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