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If you looked up "Perfect Host" on Wikipedia, Richard's smiling face would be beaming back at you!Aided by his sidekick ROB BENEDICT, these two make the weekend unforgettable!These events are hosted by Supernatural guest star and director, Richard Speight, Jr., and he is the perfect host.

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This is an unheard of rarity where the two leads of the show, always joined by fan-favorite Misha Collins, have interacted with their fans so often and on such a regular basis.

, so if the feeling strikes you, strut your cosplay-stuff while singing your heart out!

Don't worry if you aren't the cosplaying type, it isn't mandatory.

Unlike other genre conventions, Creation Entertainment has a strict policy to not "oversell" tickets.

Every attendee, no matter what ticket they purchase, will have a seat in the main auditorium to see the major guests and join the main events!

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