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However, for applications and installers that check for OS version, a Compatibility mode is provided in Windows Vista.

Users can right-click the shortcut or the EXE and apply the Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode from the Compatibility tab.

Those Articles are only a summary of the Windows Help file, which can be downloaded here.

Introduction Thirty-Minute Compatibility Check Operating System Versioning User Account Control User Account Control - Application Update Guidelines Windows Resource Protection (WRP) Internet Explorer Protected Mode Windows Vista 64-bit Microsoft Graphical Identification and Authentication (GINA) Session 0 Isolation Networking: TCP/IP Stack and the Windows Filtering Platform Networking: Kernel Mode IP Helper APIs Networking: IPv6 Networking: Turning Off the Windows Firewall Compatibility Risks Help and Support Center Assistance Platform Client Default Programs Program Compatibility Assistant (PCA) in Windows Vista - Customer Ready Documentation Graphical Device Interface (GDI) Painting (WM_PAINT) Behavior Differences Rendering Performance UIPI (GUI Portion of User Account Control) High DPI Scaling PNG Icons Named Pipe Hardening SPAP Deprecation (Pstore) WMI Providers: Default Security Hosting Model Volume Shadow Copy Service Standard User Analyzer Help Engine Support Junction Points and Backup Applications Notes for Backup and Recovery Search the Internet See Also Microsoft Windows Vista introduces the next generation operating system technology and software development platform that will be used by application developers and enterprises worldwide.

For information about obtaining certification for your application, see the Windows Vista Home Page.

Most applications will function properly on Windows Vista because the application compatibility in Windows Vista is very high.

As part of enhancing the security and user experience of Windows Vista, many new features have been introduced and existing features have been improved.

While Windows Vista is highly compatible with most of the applications written for Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, and their service packs, some amount of compatibility breaks are inevitable due to new innovations, security tightening, and increased reliability.

For example: On Vista, there is no good way to create a multi-purpose executable that performs updates because you can't toggle the state under which an executable is run.

Note The main advantage of this method over others is that it works with Standard User, and keeps the game secure.

It provides a better user experience because the Standard User account doesn't have to ask an Administrator to install the patch or request permanent Administrator privileges to play the game. url=/library/en-us/msi/setup/patching_and_ Once/ High (may block the application from installing or running) As an initiative to increase system stability, predictability and reliability, Windows Resource Protection (WRP) protects Windows read-only resources: specifically OS files, folders, and registry keys that are non-configurable by design. WRP enforces this protection using Windows Security by specifying special security descriptors on the resource.

It has been found that a number of applications, when they perform their updating functions, require more privileges than that of a Standard user.

Often, the per-machine files that were laid down during installation need to be serviced.

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