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Extensivingly trained in Jazz, Lyrical, Hip-Hop, Ballet and Modern dance styles, he toured Europe with the RAW dance company, which was founded by choreographer Mia Michaels.

Nick has graced the cover of Dance Spirit magazine t Nick Lazzarini was the very first winner of the Fox reality show So You Think You Can Dance.

Beginning in March of 2006, Lazzarini became a founding member (of 15) of the Evolution Dance Company, which debuted at the OC Pavilion in Santa Ana, California, alongside SYTYCD alumni Melody Lacayanga and Craig De Rosa.

Choreographers in the company include Liz Imperio and Mia Michaels.

Lazzarini is a scientist, author and researcher on neurogenetic disorders, including Huntington's disease and Parkinson's disease.

She is an assistant professor of Neurology at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS, previously known as University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey or UMDNJ), The News Tribune said in 1985 that it was "one of a handful of multi-disciplinary facilities in the country where various specialists join[ed] forces to address the problems faced by victims and their relatives ...

Lazzarini moved to Chile, joining Cobreloa on 6 August 2009.

He has been dancing since age four and began teaching and choreographing at the age of 14.But Bobby can't handle the fact that his sister is not the same little girl he knew before, and when she starts showing a romantic interest in Jackson, Lazz goes ballistic. Jergens for running in a charity race, so the decidedly less athletic Mr.serv[ing] more than 200 families since its opening in 1979".To study the causes of SCA, the researchers first had to locate a family having a large number of members with the disease; according to UMDNJ, Lazzarini "established a pedigree that may be the largest in North America".

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