Local sober dating

Add a bottle of sparkling water or other non-alcoholic beverage and you are ready to go. Afterwards, you can go to a restaurant or grab something easy to eat at a snack bar or a café. After all, enjoying a good sandwich or a piece of fruit cake while sipping on good coffee or ice teas, and talking about life can make the a date perfect. You can enjoy the hill view and cook s’mores over a fire.

You can also prepare a relaxing music mix on your phone to make the whole Valentine’s Day experience even more special. Going out on a day date can be a really fun experience. On top of occupying your attention, local attractions don’t generally sell alcohol. Many people in addiction recovery make exercise and eating healthy a part of their new life.

You can also seek support and talk to people you can trust, such as: Once you’ve got a year of sobriety under your belt and want to impress that special someone, it is possible make Valentine’s Day special.

Be sure to keep sight of all the progress you’ve made in your addiction recovery…and to put recovery first!

TIP #2: Pack a picnic or take a long walk by water.

Water is known to be calming for the mind and body. But, a park or any grassy area in your living area will do (caution: no trespassing! This date idea allows you to have special quiet bonding time, and is a great excuse to get outside and enjoy the weather if the climate allows it. Grab a blanket, prepare a picnic basket with your favorite fruits, sandwiches and snacks.

TIP #6: If you feel like staying home, maybe you can cook together and have a movie marathon.

Who says having a good date on Valentine’s Day has to involve going out? Cooking is an activity in which you both have to work together from start to finish: choose the recipes, buy ingredients, plan the preparation, prep it, cook it, and indulge in your tasty creation at the end. Maybe you’d like to share a sober Valentine’s Day date idea or a personal experience with others?

🙂REMEMBER WHILE YOU DATE: You and your sobriety come first!This may give you some interesting topics to talk about over dinner later. if we count arriving a bit early to get popcorn and the duration of the movie itself.At the restaurant, you and your date can order non-alcoholic drinks right away.Movie theaters don’t usually sell alcohol, so this is a good start. talk about which movie you or your date would like to see.To make it more interesting and fun for both of you, explore a genre that you don’t normally go for. You will probably spend at least 2 hours at the movies…

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