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This Final Report was prepared by BMT Asia Pacific Limited to the best of our knowledge.

For the English and Traditional / Simplified Chinese versions of the report, if any discrepancy exists between these versions, the English version shall prevail.

All details of the latest EE / SEA can be reviewed in the subsequent chapters.

To capture the overall understanding on the SEA implementation progress in urban development policies at local / regional level, BMT Asia Pacific Limited was commissioned by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in April 2008 to conduct a desktop research on the international urban development policies and actions, and the latest practices in their Environmental Evaluation (EE) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).Such policies are often influenced by political beliefs and the administrative hierarchy.In contrast, non-statutory actions are those that follow the system but are not obligated by law.The exact website address links to each of the relevant documents has been presented in full and confirmed to be valid up until completion of this report.The Planning Department published Hong Kong 2030 Planning Vision and Strategy (HK2030 Study) in 2007, which aims at updating the Territorial Development Strategy (TDS) for Hong Kong.

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