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Analytical methods, as proposed in Neagle & Samson (1956) and Cook (1959), preceded the availability of digital computer.

A dynamic programming technique to find capacitor sizes as discrete variables was a pioneering work in Duran (1968).

It consists in determining installation points and operation control program of a certain number of capacitor banks in order to maximize the profits obtained from system losses reduction.

The extent of the benefits from capacitor banks installation depends on electrical network configuration and its load states.

The convenience of using the load duration curve is due to the fact of it is monotonically decreasing, once it is defined by the points (t, p) such that t is the integral of all the infinitesimal times during which the demand is higher or equal to p.

For instance, it is shown how long the demand is higher than 1.2 Mvar in Fig. The load duration function is usually approximated by a two steps ladder function corresponding to the schedules of pick and out of pick. Distribution System Service Restoration Using the Artificial Neural Network Approach and Pattern Recognition Method.

Genetic algorithms were presented in Kagan & Oliveira (1998), and Ferreira et al (2002).

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O algoritmo proposto é aplicado a um alimentador de 104 barras e comparado com outras técnicas de otimização.

A função objetivo utilizada leva em conta a economia com redução de perdas de potência e de energia e os investimentos associados.

Os custos dos bancos de capacitores são separados conforme o tipo (fixos ou chaveados).

A microgenetic algorithm (MGA) in conjunction with fuzzy logic (FL) is proposed for solving the capacitor placement problem.

The objective function includes economic savings obtained by energy loss reduction and peak power loss reduction in contrast with acquisition and installation costs of fixed and switched capacitors. A simple and efficient method for load flow solution is used, with acceptable CPU time, even for very extensive distribution systems under full load.

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