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To start the Block Attribute Manager, type BATTMAN at the command line: Click on the ‘Select Block’ button and click on your block instance to choose which block to sync.

Click on the SYNC button to sync up your block attributes and their new locations.

You set this when you create your block definition. Every Auto CAD DWG has a UNITS value – you can see what your units are set too in your drawing by typing ‘UNITS’ at the command line.

This allows Auto CAD to compensate by comparing the units in the drawing, with the units in the block definition and setting the scale on insert accordingly.

If your block is automatically scaling itself in an unexpected way, check the UNITS value in your drawing and check the INSUNITS value in your block definition.

Right click on the block and chose ‘Reset Block’ to bring your block back to its starting position.

If your actions are going to work they will work now.

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