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And if you get someone who says your floors aren’t repairable they are most likely either too lazy to do the work or trying to sell you new floors. I have yet to come across a solid wood floor that couldn’t be repaired.

The same is almost never true for tile, laminate, vinyl or even engineered wood floors.

If there’s a vacuum pump and it’s broken, we can help. That leads to “wire-drawing” (erosion of the metal seat) and premature death.

Only in America would we be ignorant enough to cover what would be a or per sq. Wood floors are prime candidates for refinishing and restoration.When the new homeowner found the damage she intended to tile over the entire house with the afore mentioned tile.I was referred to her when her tiling was about halfway done and convinced her () her to save the remaining floors because they were not beyond repair.Without the vacuum pump, though, you’re forced to run higher-than-normal pressure.That leads to uneven heating, high fuel bills, water hammer and equipment failure. Valves should be the same size as the lines they’re piped into. If you line-size a trap or a PRV, it will just barely open during operation.

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